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28 November 2011 @ 12:26 am
COMIKET with LPS Comics Collective//Anthology cover  
londonprintstudio Comics Collective (that's me, Abraham Christie, Jade Sarson, Merlin Evans, Shamisa Devorey and Susan Yan Mach) were at COMIKET on 12th November, promoting the free comics workshops we're running for 16-20-year-olds over the next few months.

Our mentor, Karrie Fransman, was there too and totally did a live drawing performance with a big screen up on stage. We also got to meet some of our predecessors from last year's comic internship - William Goldsmith, Joe Kelly and Isabel Greenberg...

(Thank-you to Susan and Sarah McIntyre for the photos)...

Karrie taking part in the COMKET Drawing Parade.

Left to right: Me, Jade and Abe!

We also designed a cover for this year's comics anthology, "Parallel Lives", this week, which we will be releasing Spring 2012, featuring selected work from those who take part in the comics workshops & each of the 6 comic interns. The cover design also features drawings from each of us - inadvertently mirroring the design of the blog header/workshop flyers? (It's blue, too!) If you're between the ages of 16-20 and are interested in being a part of the anthology, click here for more info....

Thank-you to everyone who helped put the cover together, especially Shamisa for doing the colours and Jade for designing & executing the lettering - both put loads of work into finalising everything digitally.

Oh yeah, here are sketches from my drawing for the cover design! In two different pen thicknesses, no less!